Orgain Collagen Protein Powder, Chocolate, Keto

Ketogenic collagen protein powder with MCT oil. 10 g collagen peptides. 5 g MCT oil powder. Gluten free. Paleo friendly. Keto friendly. Always clean nutrition. An early battle with cancer shaped my belief that the higher the quality of our nutrition, the better we'll feel. That's why we're relentless when it comes to the cleanest nutrition possible. We're picky and proud - join us! in good health, Andrew Abraham, M.D. Founder and Cancer Survivor. 2:1 Ideal Ratio. Orgain's Ketogenic Collagen Protein Powder provides an ideal 2:1 Keto-Friendly ratio of protein to fat. Grass fed pasture raised. Our collagen peptides are sourced from grass fed, pasture raised cattle to ensure the cleanest, highest quality protein. Mixes Easily: water; coffee; tea; smoothies. Facebook. Instagram. Pinterest.