Snappers Pretzels Cinnamon Sugar

Snappers® Pretzels Cinnamon Sugar. Caramel + milk chocolate. Crafter snacks™. Cocoa horizons. Sustainable cocoa. No preservatives. No artificial flavors. Net Wt 6 oz (170g). 100 Years of family recipes. Cinnamon pretzels + caramel + milk chocolate + turbinado sugar. Snacks crafted for you. Pretzels + caramel + chocolate. It may seem simple, but you have just discovered a carefully crafted sweet snack! Our unique pretzels, secret batch caramel, and sustainably sourced cocoa are all crafted to complement each other perfectly. We hope you can taste the generations of family tradition that go into every bite. Certified by WBENC/WEConnectInternational. Women owned™. Sustaiable sourcing. Learn more about Snappers® sustainably sourced cocoa at Crafted in the USA.