Lord Nut Peanuts Spicy Bloody Mary

Lord Nut Peanuts Spicy Bloody Mary. Levington™. Net Wt 8 oz (227 g). Nuts born of torrid amour. Hailing from ye olde blighty - a land devoid of flavour - Lord Nut Levington is on a never-ending quest for tastes that titillate his tongue. Lord Nut created these peanuts in homage of his only true love - Rebel Mary. This fiery lass wielded a temper that only drew him closer to her. Yet it ultimately tore them apart as she angrily abandoned him on Valentine’s Day (he had given her a veggie dicer as a gift). Here’s to you, Rebel Mary, wherever you and your finely chopped tomatoes may be. Call: 1-888-544-NUTS. Visit: www.lordnut.com.