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Ancient series. Second edition. Breaking news. Perfect for dipping. Guiltless cravings. Top Stories: Newsflash. Snacking zen Spiritualist Incorporates Ideals into Snacking Habits: Renowned yogi Lindsey Calhoun recently discussed how she incorporate her philosophies into her lifestyle. When I am meditating, I cannot be distracted by my physical body, and The Daily Crave's gluten-free Lentil Chips satisfy my snack cravings. Calhoun stated she keeps the snacks all around her yoga studio, along with fresh fruit and water, so she can balance her diet and exercise. It's okay to chase your cravings - in moderation, of course, she stated as she chewed a mouthful of Lentil Chips and gracefully moved into the lotus position. Online Today: In the Media. Missing Snack Displays Blamed on Aliens: Local grocery and natural foods stores are reporting missing snack display in and around Northern California. Although the authorities have not been able to link these disappearances to any particular individuals, the timing is suspicious, Store owner Jared Edy states has stock of Lentil Chips mysteriously disappeared overnight without a trace. Adding to the mystery, UFO enthusiast claim to have recent footage of crop circles in the same area. Photos of Lentil Chips pieces with unusual jagged teeth marks have surfaced on social media. Newspapers are asking the public to remain calm and to replenish their stock of Lentil Chips Asap! Online Today: In the Media. Lentil Chips are Perfect for Dipping: Consumer have found these wonderful chips to be a great tasting alternative to other snacks. Their unique shapes are perfect for pairing with your favorite dips and can instantly liven up any party! With Non GMO and Vegan varieties, you're sure to find the right flavor to suit your snacking desire. So go ahead and Give in to Your Cravings. The Just in: Breaking News. Thriving with a Gluten-Free Lifestyle: Snacking well never tasted so good! Say goodbye to greasy chips that are full of artificial additives. The Daily Crave Lentil Chips contains no artificial preservatives or flavor and still give you all the great taste you desire. These tasty alternative snacks fit in perfectly with a gluten-free lifestyle while delivering the crunch we all love. People looking for satisfying snacks no longer have to sacrifice. With simple ingredients you can pronounce, snacking well never tasted so good! Exclusive Report: Read all about it. Interview with CEO: Founder Discusses Snacking Philosophy: In an exclusive interview with founder and CEO of The Daily Crave, Hass A discussed his passion for better snacking. When asked what drives him, he emphasized the following core principles: Non-GMO ingredients, Certified Gluten-Free ingredients, no artificial flavors or preservatives, Kosher Certified and amazing taste and crunch. When questioned whether be had any words for The Daily Crave fans, Hass exclaimed, Go ahead and Give in to your Cravings! Plant based. 4 grams protein per serving. Certified Gluten-Free. BioChecked non GMO verified. 4 g protein, certified gluten-free, non-GMO, no artificial flavors, 0 g trans fats. Like us on: Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. Made in USA of US and imported ingredients.