Natierra Chia Crunch, Coconut

Superfood with soul. Nature + earth. 1.7 g of omega 3 & 6 per serving. Made with organic + fair trade certified chia. USDA organic. Gluten-free. Non-GMO. Chia Crunch Journey: 1. It all starts. 2. With an adventure. 3. With good people. 4. We add some of this. 5. We do this brr! 6. Take out all of this. 7. And we get Superfoods with Soul. Just as the Andeans traditionally vertically stack stones to mark trails or to honor Pachamamma (Mother Earth), Chia Crunch is our tribute to the ancient Incan culture and the treasures that our farmers share with us. Combining our Organic & Fair Trade chia seeds with nutritious fruit or vegetable ingredients, we create a delicious and oh-so satisfying crunchy Superfood Snack! This recipe undergoes a unique freeze drying method; an ancient Incan process refined over hundreds of years. Natierra Chia Crunch are healthy and delicious and perfect as a office snack or lunchbox treat. Facebook: /natierra. Instagram: at natierrasuperfoods. Certified organic by Global Culture. Product of USA.