IPS Chips, with Protein, Barbeque

Puffed corn & protein snack. With 6 g protein per serving. No artificial flavors. Crunchy & delicious. Gluten free. Non-GMO corn. ips (rhymes with chips) are incredible Protein snacks - crunchy, delicious and satisfying. We blend non-GMO corn, the highest quality protein from whey and egg white, and other wholesome ingredients. Then we use our Pressure-Puff process to create a delightfully tasty chip that we season to perfection. Finally, a chip you can feel great about eating! Premium protein from whey and egg white. Half the fat of fried potato chips (50% + less fat per 28 g serving): Barbeque ips: 4 g; leading fried potato chips: 10 g). Fewer carbs than leading baked potato chip (Fewer carbohydrates per 28 g serving: Barbeque ips: 17 g; leading baked potato chips: 20 to 23 g). No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. The idea for ips first hatched when I was making breakfast for my kids. I'm always looking for healthier snack to feed them and they loved the crispy edges of the eggs I cooked. That inspired me to create ips - great-tasting chips with protein! - Sean Olson, founder. Visit us ipschips.com. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Made in the USA.