Bauducco Mini Chocottone Panettone, with Milk Chocolate Chips

Specialty cake chocolate chips. Moist and fresh. The only cake that's not re-gifted - (at)lizmas17. Hard to describe. Easy to love. (hashtag)whatspanettone. We've spent over 65 years making our family's Panettone recipe as delicious as possible. We've also spent over 65 years arguing over a description that fits the hundreds of ways people enjoy it. It's hard to describe something that people call great for breakfast, midnight snack, and favorite holiday treat. But no matter how you describe it, we all know it's easy to love. So no, you won't find our description here. But you may find yours. Share what makes Panettone easy to love for you (at)BauduccoFoods. Start a new Holiday Tradition with Bauducco Chocottone. We pour 52 hours of love into each Panettone, baking them to perfection for a light and delicate taste, using the finest, wholesome ingredients. Facebook: Made for ice cream - (at)gustavoghavami. Instagram: milk's bff - (at)dannidilo. No heat. No humidity. No smell. No validity. Dispose of properly. Made in Brazil.