Pet Zone Cat Toy, Play-N-Squeak, RealBird Sound, Flamingo

Provides mental and physical stimulation. Contains catnip. The toy with the original electronic RealBird sound. Encourage your cat's inner hunter! Indoor cats have no natural prey, and they can become bored as a result. Pet Zone Play-N-Squeak toys feature an electronic sound module that, when batted, makes a realistic squeaking bird sound, providing safe, indoor prey and fueling your cat's desire to stalk and chase. Play-N-Squeak toys encourage play and exercise, keeping cats agile, alert, and healthy. They keep your cats busy and positively engaged with you and the world around them while exercising their unique instinctual needs. This interactive toy will reward your cat with tactile feel and catnip aroma. Vent pent-up energy and chase away boredom with the RealBird! This article contains new material only: Polyester, catnip. For additional details, see our website at Please recycle. Made in China.