Casa Mexicana Rice Mix, Cilantro Rice

All natural. Authentic Mexican made easy. Ready in 20 minutes. No MSG. No hydrogenated fat. No artificial preservatives. Casa Mexicana is on a mission to bring the wonderfully rich and diverse cuisine from Mexico to your home. Our products are made from all-natural ingredients, without additives or MSG. We work hard so you can enjoy the most authentic Mexican food experience, quickly and conveniently. The Journey of Rice to Mexico: The gift of the goddess. 8,200-13,500 Years Ago: Cultivation of the wild rice oryza in Southeast Asia and Southwestern China. 344-324 BC: Alexander the Great's returning expedition brings rice to Greece and Sicily and from there is introduced to North Africa. 4th Century BC-10th Century AD: Brought to Spain and named arroz. 1520s: Spaniards bring rice to Mexico. Made in USA.