Black Flag Fogger2, Concentrated, 6 Pack

Contains 6 (1.25 oz) foggers. Kills by contact. Keeps killing German cockroaches for up to 12 weeks on non-porous surfaces. Wont leave a wet, messy residue. Leaves a fresh scent. Each can treats up to 2,000 cu feet (approximately 15.5 ft x 16 ft x 8 ft ceiling). The entire label is printed in Spanish language inside the box. Product facts: Dual action: Kills insects & leaves a fresh scent. Insects: Kills spiders (except brown recluse), ants (except fire, carpenter, harvester & pharaoh ants), roaches, fleas, house flies, mosquitoes, brown dog ticks, silverfish and firebrats. Guarantee to work or your money back (for terms of guarantee, see side panel) (Guarantee: If you are not satisfied with this product for any reason, send your written request for a refund to the address below, together with the original dated store receipt showing the price you paid. Please allow 6-8 weeks for processing). Questions or comments? call 1-800-887-3524. No CFCs: Contains No CFCs or other ozone depleting substances. Federal regulations prohibit CFC propellants in aerosols.