Smart Perm New Growth Relaxer, Regular

Contents: 4 Complete touch-up applications or 2 full head applications. Smart Valu 4 Touch-ups. Anti-breakage. No-lye. GroRehab conditioning & moisturizing. SmartGro stimulator. Easy, gentle, smart - everything you need. From hair roots to ends, our advanced anti-breakage, ultra gentle no lye relaxer system replenishes and strengthens hair while giving you maximum protection. Get the superior safety and freshness you deserve with SmartPerm's 4 pre-measured relaxer touch-ups - enough for 2 full-heads or 4 re-touch applications. Achieve smoother, silkier, straighter hair with our exclusive SmartGro complex enriched with GroRehab conditioners & moisturizers that penetrate each hair strand depositing essential oils, humectants and nutrients. Make the Smart Choice for ultimate hair softness & straightness without the damage. Step 1 Smart Valu 4 Touch-ups: Fresher; Safer; Greater value. Step 2: Anti-breakage hair strengthening neutralizing shampoo. Step 3: Anti-breakage medicated leave-in strengthening conditioner. Shampoo with exclusive SmartSignal color indicator - Lets you know when all relaxer is rinsed out. Includes 2 pair gloves, 2 sticks & mixing tub.