African Pride Olive Miracle Dream Kids Oil Moisturizer, Anti-Breakage Detailing

Detangles. Conditions. Protects. Enriched with Extra-Virgin Olive Oil. Detangling Oil Moisturizer: For a lifetime of strong beautifully heathy hair start right with Dream Kids Olive Miracle, Our moisture-rich feather-light formula contains the finest Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Herbal Extracts used for generations to help strengthen and protect hair. Formulated exclusively for children's delicate hair and scalp, Detangling Oil Moisturizer helps reduced breakage while leaving her hair soft, moisturized and manageable. Your gentle daily protection to keep her hair strong & beautifully healthy looking. Excellent for all hairstyles. Regular Use Helps: Reduce breakage; Gently soften hair; Relieve dryness; Boost healthy shine. Made in USA.