Foodstirs Cookie Mix, Organic, Chocolate Chippy

More flavor 25% less sugar (than other Chocolate Chip Cookie Mixes) so suh-weet! USDA Organic. Certified Organic by ISDA. Non GMO Project verified. Fair Trade chocolate. Glyphosate: Residue free. Junk-free bakery. New vibe. These delicious, chewy cookies will remind you of grandma's recipe. But better because, they're made with pure, high-quality ingredients like Organic Fair Trade Chocolate Chips, Organic Cane Sugar and Organic Identity Preserved Wheat Flour. Good Clean Yum: We use certified sustainable ingredients that deliver ahmazingly delicious taste! USDA Organic. Non-GMO. Organic identity preserved wheat flour. Biodynamic cane sugar. Vegan. Glyphosate residue free. Fair Trade chocolate. Bakers Rise Up: Doing things with your hands is cool. It's human. It's something you can't experience virtually or through an app. We think the world needs more real world experiences with our friends and families, and baking is just the beginning. Oh Hey: Since you are reading this, it's cookie time! Bake vegan! Visit for baking alternatives. Share your creations using (hashtag)FoodStirs. For recipe inspiration and step-by-step videos visit