Farin' Up Waffles Mix, Belgian

Non GMO. New. Quick & easy. Follow louis around the world. Le fantastique. Barn eggs. Millers since 1704: Meet Louis, globetrotting and brand ambassador for Farin' UP. This 11th generation miller is a descendant of the oldest family-run wheat mill in Luxembourg. Moulins de kleinbettingen. He is a playful. inquisitive renaissance man who is passionate about traveling the world search of the most coveted and legendary family recipes. Louis embodies the spirit of our mill, our storied family of craftsmen, and the artisanal products we produce. Vive le wheat! My quest to sample the world's most famous pastries led me to Liege, Belgium. Home to one of life's most delightful indulgences - authentic Liege waffles. Faster than I could say bonjour! to the cheery street vendor,I had a steaming, buttery. vanilla-laden joy for the senses in hand. PSSSt: The secret ingredient to this exquisite dish is the healthy dose of pearl sugar in the batter, which melt and caramelize when cooked. Crest magnifiquel. 7 tbsp melted butter. 1/2 cup. mix 2 minutes voila. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. farinup.us Product of Luxembourg.