Kettle & Fire Bone Broth, Classic Beef

Made with 100% grass- fed beef bones. Real bones real ingredients. 0g total carbs per serving. Certified GF gluten free by GFCO. (Gluten Free certified by Whole 20+ hour simmered beef bones. Simmer & sip. and combined with the best ingredients. Made from grass-fed beef bones simmered for 20+hours and combined with the best ingredients. Jump-start your daily broth ritual with our classic beef bone broth. It's bone broth from great ingredients, long 400 cook times, and real bones. US inspected and passed by department of agriculture. KETTLEANDFIRE.COM /TIPS Tetra Pak. Protects whats good. Tetra Pak. Tetra Recart. Tetra pak tetra Recart.