Texas Tea Half & Half, RGV Texas Style

Rio red grapefruit lemonade with sugar land sweet tea. 100% all natural. No preservatives. Made with Texas water!! Go Texan. Rio Grande Valley, Texas: The Rio Grande Valley (RGV), known for producing Rio red grapefruit - which makes up more than 70 percent of the Valley's citrus crop - also boasts orange, tangerine and Meyer lemon production each winter. The Texas citrus industry began in 1914 when John Shary planted the first 16,000 acres. The RGV is home to South Padre Island, which during spring break season becomes reminiscent of New Orleans during Mardi Gras, and is the birthplace of legendary Dallas Cowboys heat coach Tom Landry. The red grapefruit is also the official state fruit of Texas. Visit us at www.teasoftexas.com. Contains 10% juice. All natural, no preservatives. If you have Texas flavors that would make a great tea. Facebook: facebook.com/teasoftexas. Product of Texas.