Starbucks® Kenya Medium Roast Whole Bean Coffee 9 oz. Bag

Premium Select Collection. 100% Arabica coffee. Well-rounded with notes of tropical fruit and brown sugar. Contains Kenyan and other African coffees. Start Rewards. Rising above vast deserts, grassy plains and ancient lava flows, the mountains of Kenya are renowned for growing some of the world's most-prized coffees. For this refined blend, we started with coffee from Kenya and then coaxed out its bright sweetness with balanced East African beans. Every intriguing sip reveals hints of tropical fruit and brown sugar. Committed to 100% Ethical Coffee Sourcing in partnership with Conservation International. Starbucks Rewards: Earn Stars with your receipt on any qualifying purchase. Visit for details. Starbucks Flavorlock packaging guarantees the fresh flavor of our coffees. Visit us at or call 1-800-Starbucks.