Nuk TrendLine Bottle, Orthodontic, 10 oz, Silicone, 0M+

Original orthodontic nipple. Reduces colic & promotes healthy oral development. Simulates & supports breastfeeding. Brand trusted by moms for over 25 years in North America. Medium flow. Nuk air system. BPA free. Where Fashion Meets Function: Nuk TrendLine offers new products with fashionable patterns that bring style to the everyday. Original orthodontic nipple promotes healthy oral development & reduces colic. Flat area: strengthens a baby's tongue allowing the jaw to stretch enough for teeth to grow in properly. Hourglass shape: allows lips to close properly, making it easier to breathe through the nose and avoid intake of air through the mouth. Asymmetrical widening: encourages a baby to move their lower jaw forward contributing to correct jaw positioning. Hole against the palate: allows the milk to mix with baby's saliva to facilitate digestion. Available in slow, medium and fast flow. Extra-wide base: mimics the shape of mother's breast. Nuk Air System: regulates the intake of air and prevents the nipple from collapsing. Helps the baby swallow less air, which reduces the risk of colic and hiccups. Special Design Reduces Colic: The Nuk air system vents the bottle, preventing vacuum build up - this allows baby to drink continuously, swallowing liquid instead of air; Available in slow, medium and fast flow. Original orthodontic nipple: is the same orthodontic shape as Nuk pacifiers, designed to fit baby's oral cavity; Promotes healthy oral development & reduces colic. Simulates & Supports Breastfeeding: The nipple is shaped like mother's breast during feeding; Studies show it simulates the breastfeeding experience; Supports switching between breast and bottle. Mix n Match: The Nuk orthodontic system is a line of products with coordinating designs and interchangeable parts that promote oral development as your baby grows. Assembled in USA with parts made in USA and Germany.