Plum Organics Super Puffs, Blueberry with Purple Sweet Potato

Organic grain cereal snack. Flavored with blueberry, purple sweet potato juice and natural blueberry flavor. 24 mg choline. 7 vitamins & minerals. 2 g whole grains. USDA organic. Eat your colors! Organic grains, fruits and veggies - the good things that make you happy; tasty bursts of color that make baby happy. Perfectly sized for little fingers, Super Puffs encourage self-feeding and easily dissolve into grins and giggles. Delight those tiny taste buds and teach your little stars to eat their colors. Try all 4 yummy flavors. Feed Amazing: Inspire little snackers to eat their colors with a rainbow of flavorful combinations. Nutrition: 7 essential vitamins and minerals, including 24 mg choline. Baby Stage: Perfect snack for baby - dissolves easily & encourages self-feeding. Palate: Delight tiny taste buds with a vibrant blend of blueberry & purple sweet potato. Promise: Certified organic, no genetically modified ingredients. The full effect program nourishes little ones in need across America. Is your baby ready for Super Puffs? Your baby may be ready for Super Puffs if he or she: crawls with stomach off the floor; eats thicker, chunkier food purees; picks up small foods between thumb & first finger; uses jaw to mash food. Non-BPA packaging. feed amazing. Certified organic by Oregon Tilth. Certified B Corporation.