Plum Organics Mighty Colors Kiwi, Pear, Spinach & Green Garbanzo Bean

Tots. Iron, vit A & C. 80 mg omega-3. 3 g of fiber. ALA from chia. USDA organic. Pick a color, any color! Let your adventurous eater see, choose and eat by color. Every Mighty Colors pouch is filled with a color curated blend - with essential nutrients from organic fruits, veggies plus beans or grains. Color that curious spirit! Feed amazing. Nutrition: Magnesium & vit C, 80 mg omega-3 ALA from chia, 2 g of fiber. Tots Stage: A balanced, hearty snack to fuel active tots. Palate: Unique flavor combinations to develop taste buds. Promise: Certified organic, no genetically modified ingredients. Give Back: Donating food to little ones in need across America. Non-BPA packaging. Certified B Corporation. Certified organic by Oregon Tilth.