Parla Tortellini, Asiago, Pinzati Style

Asiago. Romano. Parmesan. Ricotta. 100% real ingredients. We speak pasta. The kitchen is the heart of the home and where Parla began. Family and friends for 30 years have enjoyed traditional recipes in our home and in each other's company. There is so much joy in pasta! People naturally gravitate to the kitchen, sitting talking, hugging the cook, stealing a bite - and sharing their lives. At Parla, pasta is our language and we use it to express our care for purity and Italian traditions. We handcraft and produce our recipes in small batches for quality and freshness. We are excited that you have decided to bring the Parla into your home and kitchens so you can experience the timeless joy of pasta. - Rick and Simone Drake. Our pinzati style tortellini are larger than classic tortellini and are generously filled. The burst of flavor from asiago, parmesan and romano cheeses really speak Italian.