Solero Fruit Bars, Pineapple, Crushed

No added flavors or colors. Dairy free. Gluten free. Fat free food. Vegan. No high fructose corn syrup. Vegetarian. For the love of fruit. A passion for culinary exploration led Talenti founder, Josh Hochschuler, into the exquisite and beautiful world of fruit. With relentless attention to quality, he created Solero, a crushed fruit bar elevated by a refreshing texture and perfectly ripe taste. Shaped by Josh's South American adventures, Solero is a bar like no other - natural and authentic, from the fruit, to the flavor, to the color. Solero is made with an old-world recipe, crafted with just a few ingredients, and the best fruit in existence. These Crushed Fruit Bars are made with sweet, sun-ripened organic fruit, carefully crushed, blended and frozen to cool, flavor-packed perfection. Please recycle.