Bakerly Crepes to Go, Caramel Filled with Crispy Cereal Balls

Free from: artificial colors & artificial flavors. Per Crepe: 11 g sugars; 130 cal. No GMO. 6 individually wrapped. Yummy crispy cereal balls. Our original crepes to go! have become a favorite snack. They are filled with tasty and delicious caramel filling and crispy cereal balls! Behind every crepes to go!, stands a passionate team who uses their savoir faire (French for expertise) and passion to transform authentic ingredients into scrumptious snacks that will make you go yum! each time. Our delightful crepes to go! can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere! How we made our deliciooous crepes to go! 1. Start by adding eggs. 2. Add wheat flour. 3. Add milk. 4. Flatten the dough. 5. Add caramel filling. 6. Add yummy crispy cereal balls. 7. Cut and pack. 8. Voila! delicious filled crepes! Hey bird, did you hear the joke about the broken egg? Yes! it cracked me up! Contains no hydrogenated oils. P. 844-200-3232 Product of France.