My Three Sons Cheese, Pimiento, Gourmet, Fire Roasted Jalapeno

Homemade taste with sharp cheddar. All natural. Just like mom's. Maybe even better! Made with extra sharp cheddar cheese - rBGH/rBST free. It's a Condiment: Great on grilled steaks, burgers & baked potatoes. It's an Appetizer: Try it on crackers, celery or serve with apples. It's a Sandwich Spread: Makes an unbelievable grilled cheese or BLT! It's Meltable: On nachos, cheese toast or as a hot dip. No artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. All natural - thick, homemade taste! Goodness grows in NC. Lactose free. Gluten free. Hormone free. Our Story: When Dr. Cheryl Mitchell Barnett retired from a career as an orthodontist due to a back problem, her three sons encouraged and inspired her to follow another dream - making her homemade pimento cheese available to everyone. Cheryl's best friend's mother, Emmy, made pimento cheese the old fashioned way - with extra sharp cheddar cheese, just a little mayonnaise, and a few secret spices. As a child, Cheryl fell in love with Emmy's pimento cheese, and the rest is history. Read the story and sign up to receive our family's favorite recipes at Product of USA.