Hello Fresh Southwest Pulled Pork Tacos

With a tangy red cabbage slaw & spicy crema. Family size: serves 4. Flip me to find the recipe card! Easy-to-cook recipe & pre-measured ingredients. Kit Includes: Dont forget to stock up on salt, pepper, sugar, vegetable oil, and olive oil. Weve got the rest covered. Pulled pork. Yellow onion. Red cabbage. Flour tortillas. White wine vinegar. Southwest spice blend. Tomato paste. Sour cream. Chicken stock concentrate. Hot sauce. East to cook. Easy to love recipe card inside!. hellofresh.com/yum. For more recipes & exclusive deals, head to hellofresh.com/yum. Great news! This sleeve and tray are 100% recyclable. Made in the USA. Product of: Flour tortillas USA, pulled pork USA, red cabbage USA/Canada/ Mexico, Yellow onion USA/Canada/Mexico, Tomato paste USA, sour cream USA, white wine vinegar Italy, chicken stock concentrate USA, southwest spice blend China/India/USA/Mexico, Hot sauce USA.