Hello Fresh Sirloin and Sherry Shallot Sauce

Sirloin and sherry shallot sauce with garlic parm potato clusters and roasted green beans. Flip me to find the recipe card! Serves 2. Ready in 40 minutes. Easy-to-cook recipe & pre-measured ingredients. Easy to cook. Easy to love. Don't forget to stock up on salt, pepper, butter, olive oil, and vegetable oil. We've got the rest covered. Sirloin steak, Shallot, Green Beans, Garlic powder, sour cream, beef stock concentrate, Yukon gold potatoes, parmesan cheese, sherry vinegar. Recipe card inside! (Generic USDA Information is Used in the Analysis, Ingredient List and Allergen Declaration of Pantry Homes, Pantry Homes Are Listed in the Kit Included Section of the Recipe Card). hellofresh.com/yum. For more recipes & exclusive deals, head to hellofresh.com/yum. Great news! This sleeve and tray are 100% recyclable. Made in the USA. Product of: Yukon gold potatoes USA/Canada, Sirloin Steak USA, Green Beans USA/Mexico, Shallot USA/Canada/France/Holland, Parmesan Cheese USA, Sour Cream USA, Sherry Vinegar Spain, Beef Stock Concentrate USA, Garlic Powder USA.