Hello Fresh Crispy Maple Mustard Chicken

Crispy maple mustard chicken with potato wedges & roasted carrots. Kit Includes: Chicken breasts; yukon gold potatoes; carrots; fry seasoning; panko breadcrumbs; maple syrup; honey dijon dressing. Serves 2. Ready in 35 mins. Easy cleanup. Easy-to-cook recipe & pre-measured ingredients. Flip me to find the recipe card! Grade A Dark color robust taste maple syrup from vermont 1 fl oz (30 mL). Don't forget to stock up on salt, pepper, butter, and olive oil. We've got the rest covered. Recipe card inside! 4 simple steps. hellofresh.com/yum. For more recipes & exclusive deals, head to hellofresh.com/yum. Great news! This sleeve and tray are 100% recyclable. Made in the USA. Product of: Chicken Breast USA, Yukon Gold Potatoes USA/Canada, Carrots USA/Canada/Mexico/Guatemala, Dijon Honey Mustard Dressing USA, Maple Syrup USA, Panko Breadcrumbs USA, Fry Seasoning China/USA/Peru.