Cheating Gourmet Rice Bowl, Chipotle, Shrimp

Tender shrimp with white rice, roasted corn, peppers, onions, black beans, tomatoes. 250 calories. 250 calories per bowl. 1 g fat. 17 g protein. Crafted seafood. Everyday seafood made easy. As two brothers with a big appetite for delicious, nutritious food, we couldn't wait to create an easy everyday rice bowl. We knew we couldn't let go of the quick convenience that comes with lunch, on-the-go, but we also had to satisfy our demand for top-shelf taste and food that fuels better living. You hold the results: a rice bowl made with tender shrimp and the blends of spices and gourmet ingredients that deliver the taste you want, without the calories you don't. Take a bite of your new favorite rice bowl from cheating gourmet. Scott Demers & Jon Demers - Founders Scott & Jon Demers. Gluten free. Made with phosphate-free shrimp. Sustainably-sourced shrimp. Peppers. Black beans + corn. Toll Free: 800.239.9731.