Australis Barramundi, Sweet & Mild

All natural. The sustainable seabass. A better fish. A better world. A better you. Australis - The better fish. Excellent source of protein. HACCP certified food safety. Say hello to your new favorite fish! A Better Fish: Savor the delicacy that Australians have loved for years! Prized for its mild, buttery flavor and moist, succulent texture, barramundi is considered one of the world's finest tasting fish. Light and easy to cook, barramundi will surprise you by how well it works with any white fish recipe. A Better World: Our barramundi are responsibly raised in pristine open ocean waters and farmed at low densities. They are fed a predominantly vegetarian diet, making them one of the most sustainable fish available anywhere. A Better You: Australian Barramundi is an excellent source of all-natural lean protein. It has one of the highest omega-3 levels of any white fish, and is free from mercury and other contaminants. Our hand-cut fillets are individually flash frozen within hours of harvest, locking in flavor and freshness. Follow (at)thebetterfish story on Facebook; Twitter; Instagram. For more recipes and info: Ocean farm raised. Product of Vietnam.