Whisps Cheese Crisps, Tangy Ranch

10 g protein per serving. 3 g carbs per serving. 1 g sugar per serving. Gluten free. Manufactured in a peanut free facility. See nutrition information for total fat, saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium content. Excellent source of calcium. Keto friendly. Real cheese & spices. Made with 100% cheddar. A cheddar-for-you Ranch! What happens when we put artisanal cheesemakers in charge of America's favorite flavor? Savory, cool, creamy tangy ranch whisps, made with 100% cheddar and spices that leave taste buds tingling for more. Sound cheesy? That's just how we like it! Whisps cheese crips are made by cheese people, for cheese people. We make out crisps from just one ingredient (you guessed it!): 100% wheel cheese. First, master cheesemakers craft our artisanal cheeses to perfection. Then we bake them into light, flavorful crisps - protein packed, low carb and gluten-free for a playfully perfect snack to beat even your cheesiest cravings. whisps.com. Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. Pinterest. (at)whispssnacks. Check out all of our other flavors at whisps.com. Resealable. Made in USA.