Lt Blenders Wine Freezer, Sangria

Add wine & water, shake, freeze & squeeze. Makes 16 servings (1/2 gallon). The Lieutenant Blender Story: Following a successful Caribbean campaign, Lt. Blender and his stalwart band of troopers found themselves in California for advanced training. One particularly grueling day, Sarge said, Sir, the boys sure would like one of your fruit filled concoctions to wash down the dust. You know boys, I was thinking the same thing, but I have an idea. Here we are in the heart of wine country. This is an opportunity we can't pass up. What say we substitute the usual with some of California's best wine? And, alas, Lt. Blender's Wine Freezer continues the legend. (Sorta based on a true story!) Imported from Galveston Island, TX. Made in the USA.