Lt Blenders Strawberry Daiquiri in a Bag

2004 FMI Show Retailer Choice Award. Also makes a great margarita. All natural. Add liquor, shake, freeze and squeeze. Makes 16 - 4 oz servings (1/2 gallon). The Lt. Blender Story: Lieutenant Blender's legend was born on a Caribbean Island. While his fellow US paratroopers held feuding factions at bay, the lieutenant held back the forces of thirst. He was already infamous for the frozen margaritas he served during weekend beach parties. And though his trusty blender didn't make it through one fateful battle, his ingenuity and dedication to his troops helped him create one of America's greatest inventions, Margarita in a Bag. Delicious frozen concoctions without all the trouble - just great taste and convenience. (Sorta based on a true story.) Think outside the blender. Easy to freeze - fits into the most packed freezer! Portable - take it anywhere, slip in your backpack, cooler or even briefcase! And, best of all, all natural - made with real fruit strawberries - the most awesome strawberry concoction you've ever had! Made in the USA.