Lt Blenders Margarita in a Bag

Add liquor & water shake, freeze & squeeze. All natural. Real citrus juices. Makes 16 servings (1/2 gal or about 2 lt). The Lt. Blender Story: On a lonely Caribbean island, a legend was born. Lieutenant Blender's story began as US paratroopers held local feuding factions at bay. He became infamous for quenching the thirst of the troops with frozen margaritas during the weekend beach party breaks. One fateful day, he discovered tragically his bent blade blender would crush no more. Not be deterred, he filled several empty ration bags with a favorite blend of lime, lemon and orange juice, then topped them off with tequila and triple sec. With a quick shake, he tossed the lot into the mess hall freezer for a quick freeze. That afternoon, he chuted to the beach with ammo sack filled with the now-frozen mixture of awesome margaritas - no ice, no mess, just great convenience and a sensational sparkling taste. The rest was history. (Sorta based on a true story.) Think outside the blender. Easy to freeze - fits into the most packed freezer! Portable - take it anywhere, slip in your backpack, cooler or even briefcase! All natural - made with real lime, lemon and orange juices - taste as good as made from scratch, but without the blender and the mess! Made in the USA.