Dark And Lovely Healthy-Gloss 5 Shea Moisture No Lye Relaxer Regular

Dark And Lovely® Healthy-Gloss 5™ Shea Moisture No-Lye Relaxer. Exclusive. Silk keratin serum. SoftSheen-Carson®. 5 Five signs of preserves healthy hair. 1. Moisture. 2. Shine. 3. Strength. 4. Softness. 5. Body. Straight, sleek and shiny hair. Regular: Fine to medium hair textures. Our enhanced kit now contains our moisturizing shea butter conditioning relaxer crème plus a lot more! SoftSheen-Carson, Dark and Lovely, shea butter conditioning relaxer creme. SoftSheen-Carson, Dark and Lovely, color signal neutralizing shampoo. SoftSheen-Carson, Dark and Lovely, silk keratin serum. SoftSheen-Carson, Dark and Lovely, healthy-gloss 5, moisture hair creme. As you relax. Experience our next generation in healthy relaxing. Our components are exclusively formulated to help preserve the 5 signs of healthy hair and more while you relax! Silk keratin serum. Reloads hair instantly with inner strength and protection with a silky-soft result. Healthy Glass (5) moisture conditioner. Recharges hair with 5x more conditioning power for moisture and body. Healthy Gloss (5) moisture hair creme. Replenishes hair with knock-out shine and softness. Try our enhanced kit with 5 steps to healthy hair. I am Dark and Lovely™. softsheen-carson.com.